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Feedlot beef cattle production Wagyu

Nutrition & Production Consultants across the Intensive Beef and Sheep sectors

 implementing management tools that optimise 
animal performance and operational efficiencies

Integrated Animal Production Pty Ltd (lAP) is an internationally recognised, livestock production consultancy firm.

IAP's comprehensive services extend into nutritional and operational programmes for clients within intensive beef, dairy cattle, and sheep industries in Australia, South Africa, and SE Asia. lAP aims to establish a close working relationship with their clients to provide objective, tangible and practical solutions.

Our consultants have a broad national and international educational/commercial background in various disciplines. lAP is actively involved in contractual research and development projects for local and international companies.

IAP is organised in three operative areas with the global mission of promoting 'system science' solutions to livestock production, to improve efficiency and profitability. The three areas include:

  • Consultation in Livestock Nutrition and Health

  • Benchmarking of Operational Management

  • Research and Development

lAP consultants are also actively associated with other consulting firms across four continents that work within animal nutrition, health, operational and feedmill management .


Nutritional Programs

Feed Management Programs

Training & Education

Research & Development

Operational Assessment

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