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Feedlot beef cattle nutrition and health consulting


Consulting in Livestock Nutrition & Health

As consultants we seek to understand our client's unique operation, identifying factors that influence animal nutrition and health. We work with them to isolate 'Big Rocks from Little Rocks', or major from minor items. We focus on implementation of sound management tools that influence animal and operational production cost. 


These tools include:

  1. Clean Bunk at Midday or Once a Day Feed Delivery - simply means presenting adequate quantities of feed at the right time of day to reduce feed wastage, enhance cattle performance and benefit in management savings in labor, equipment, fuel and ration shrinkage.

  2. MMEF is the trademark abbreviation for Multiple of Maintenance Energy Factor - is a calculation that assesses the level of feed/energy intake for a specific pen of cattle.  

  3. Senergy - is a word created from Staff and Energy. This is a benchmarking program that objectively assesses controllable processes found in labor, equipment, fuel and electrical energy used for feeding cattle at the feedlot on a monthly basis.

  4. Performance auditing is an ongoing process that assesses cattle feed intake, environmental influences on live animal performance and carcass weight and specifications. 

  5. Informing producer and staff through education programs highlights the importance of their individual actions on the operation.

Our consulting service is directed to assist producers to feel secure that they are maximizing the efficiency and profitability of their feedlot investment.

Focusing on:


Animal performance

Optimal feed delivery

Procedural efficiencies

Staff expertise

Maximised profitability

Other Services:
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