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feedlot maintenance management


Maintenance Management

Senergy's Maintenance section covers staff and equipment requirements that are associated with pen cleaning, manure management and road maintenance. It does not include maintenance of equipment/machinery, or other feedlot facilities and infrastructure (buildings/sheds). 

Manure tonnage and dry matter impacts directly on maintenance costs. The amount of manure harvested is a direct reflection of ration energy density. Increasing the percentage of roughage in a ration increases intake and decreases ration digestibility, thereby increasing the quantity of manure. Increased roughage in the ration also increases the water-holding capacity of the manure, and hence increases cost to remove and stockpile. 

Manure treatment encompasses the treatment of manure after stockpiling and includes screening and composting, the degree of which varies widely between feedlots. The total man hours, equipment hours and fuel usage should be entered into this section and not included in the general manure maintenance costs. 

Roads which fall under the Maintenance section, include all roads in the immediate cattle area for feed delivery. Maintenance encompasses general upkeep and daily water truck use. High water truck requirements may be indicative of high road requirements for cattle fed, inadequate water truck or water loading facilities. 

Where contractors are employed for manure removal the total hours (staff and equipment) and fuel usage per piece of equipment must be indicated. 

Items to be recorded on a monthly basis, as part of the Senergy program, include:

  • period of recording time (28 day month) 

  • head days

  • loader (hours and fuel)

  • tipper (hours and fuel)

  • pen scraper (hours and fuel)

  • bob cat (hours and fuel)

  • maintenance staff (number and working hours)

  • manure tonnage (total removed from pens)

  • manure dry matter (removed from pens)

  • feed MT delivered

  • water truck (hours and fuel)

  • screen (hours and fuel)

  • screen staff (number and working hours)

  • composting equipment(hours and fuel)

  • composting staff (number and working hours)

  • manure MT sold.

Focusing on:

Maintenance overheads

Staff & equipment

Pen cleaning

Manure management

Road maintenance

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