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Hormone Growth Promotants

2005 National Beef Tenderness Survey (2713 KB) 

An investigation into the mechanisms of action of Revalor-s and Optaflexx in growing steers (42 KB) 

Anabolic Agents for Spayed Feedlot Heifers (423 KB) 

Anabolic Implants and IM Lipid Deposition (197 KB) 

Beef Cattle Research Update: November 2002 (171 KB) 

Beef Flavor Counts More Than Tenderness (33 KB) 

Choice Quality Grade - CattleFax (250 KB) 

Choice/Select Spread and Production (192 KB) 

Comparing Four Implant Strategies in Yearling Heifers (308 KB)


Comparing Three Reimplanting Strategies using Trenbolone Acetate on Feedlot Heifers (13 KB) 

Consumer Price Acceptance - ProFarmer (168 KB) 

Consumer thresholds for establishing the value of beef tenderness (149 KB) 

Dairy Beef Implant Strategies (145 KB) 

Delayed Implant Data (135 KB) 

Dose-Response Study Of Melengestrol Acetate on Beef Steers (60 KB) 

Economic Impact of Technology in Beef Production (70 KB) 

Effect of Age of Implant on Performance (280 KB) 

Effect of HGP on palatability & carcass traits from a Bos indicus-Bos taurus composite cross (198 KB) 

Effect of Implant Strategy and Optaflexx Administration on Feedlot Performance and Skeletal Muscle (61 KB) 

Effect of Implant Treatment on Performance of Heifers (67 KB) 

Effect of repeated implants of oestradiol-17B on beef palatability (251 KB) 

Effects of Dietary Factors and Other Metabolic Modifiers on Quality and Nutritional Value of Meat (407 KB) 

Effects of Energy Intake, Implantation, Subcutaneous Fat End Point on Steer (167 KB) 

Effects of flax supplementation & a combined trenbolone acetate and estradiol implant on Beef Cattle (920 KB) 

Effects of growth-promoting agents and season on yearling feedlot heifer performance (73 KB) 

Effects of HGP on growth, carcass characteristics, palatabliity and their interaction with aging (382 KB) 

Effects of Implant Programs on Yearling Steers (125 KB) 

Effects of Initial Implant Strategies on Yearling Steers (120 KB) 

Effects of Repetitive use of Hormonal Implants on Beef Carcass Quality, Tenderness, Consumer Ratings (109 KB) 

Effects of Trenbolone Acetate in Combination With an Estrogen Source on Feedyard Heifer Performance (613 KB)


Estradiol 17-B in High Concentrate Diet (205 KB) 

Growth Promotant Issue Responses (40 KB) 

HGP information (20 KB) 

HGP Strategies: Profitable, Responsible and Strategic Use of Hormonal Growth Promotants (36 KB) 

Hormones in Beef - Canadian Factsheet (829 KB) 

Hormones in Beef - Canadian Inforum Vol 5, Num 3 (140 KB) 

Implant Effects on Protein Turnover and Sensory Traits - Revalor-H (78 KB) 

Implant Mechanism of Action (252 KB) 

Implant Optaflexx Heifers (61 KB) 

Implant Strategies for Finishing Cattle (854 KB) 

Implanting 3 & 5 Weeks Before Slaughter (2200 KB) 

Implants Effect Tenderness of Beef Steaks (WSASAS-Montana) (104 KB) 

Initial Implant Comparisons (660 KB) 

JAS Implants and Finished Weight Paper (88 KB) 

Metabolic Modifiers and Carcass-Tenderness Effects (926 KB) 

MSA Beef HGP meta analysis (350 KB) 

National beef tenderness survey – 2006 (138 KB) 

New Vs. Old Implant Technology (Wade Nichols) (2386 KB) 

Optimizing carcass value and the use of anabolic implants in beef cattle (120 KB) 

Profitable, Responsible and Strategic use of Hormonal Growth Promotants (64 KB) 

Reimplant Strategies for Finishing Heifers (78 KB) 

Revalor Implant Strategies (358 KB) 

The Effect of Different Implant Strategies on Heifer Performance and Carcass Characteristics (65 KB) 

The Effect of Stage of Growth and Implant Exposure on Performance and Carcass Composition in Steers (267 KB) 

The Effect of Stage of Growth and Implant Exposure on Steers (264 KB) 

Time course of changes in growth factor mRNA levels in muscle of steroid-implanted and nonimplanted (758 KB) 

True Effects of Implants on Quality Grade (27 KB)

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